• A-GAEKE Analog VJ Team bombards any club or venue with authentic, hand-made visuals, made live on the spot. A-GAEKE brings an homage to traditional artistic techniques, but with a modern twist. Using special software, webcams and a good sense of rhythm, they transform ordinary items and materials into stunning, psychedelic images that are never the same. Their energetic presence and a strong focus on crowd participation will guarantee to whip the party into a frenzy, leaving the club dripping in paint, sweat, and covered in inches of paper and other random material. So throw your pc out of the window, sharpen your pencils and prepare for some visual mayhem!

    In the past we have performed at venues and parties such as Kinderen van Den Haag, Carnivale, Eastpak Happy New Year, Boomdox Festival, TWR72, Kruipend naar Huis, Paaspop, Museumnacht, Rauw & Lauw and Mutesounds Festival. We also accept bookings for VJ workshops, like the ones we did in 2011 and 2012 at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. A-GAEKE is:

    Julien Arts
    Nick Jacobs
    Walewijn den Boer